May 10, 2020

Momma, Don't Look Back

"Remember Lot's Wife and Staying on Target"

Pastor Rob Thomas

May 3, 2020

Understanding the Epic Clash of the Kingdoms Pt. 1

Pastor Rob Thomas

II Chronicles 15:1-6


Today we are seeing disruptions in our homes, distractions in the order of our world, and disorder and chaos on the big screens of our lives.  What are we to do?  In our scripture today it is like reading a newspaper.  There was no peace… the people of the land were afflicted with every kind of trouble… and their spirits were being crushed.  But in an all-time surprise in the scriptures, it tells us that God was the one who troubled them.  Wow!  Covid-19 is acting like one of those distresses. For there is a restlessness in the air.  Afraid, nervous, insecure.  No peace.  Is God trying to get our attention?  If so, what is the message?  This could be one of our greatest challenges as a church yet.  How will we respond to this clarion bell-weather moment?

Our Pastor

 Pastor Rob Thomas

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