Our mission


At New Horizons, our mission is to be a Kingdom oriented, community driven
church that brings glory to God by loving Him and loving others.

What does this mean?

This means that we must become an irresistible influence for our
community and the part of the world God has called us to.

Of all that God has allowed us to have: the ability to worship Him will change the course of all we do. Whether we worship at church on Sunday, mid-week, in our car, or within our home, we will make it a priority.

  We Will Be a Family of Worship

       We Will Be a Family of Prayer

Whether together or individually, we will make it a point to keep each other and our church in prayer always. We covenant together that we will always watch over each other in with a spirit of prayer. In doing so, we will never lack for the power of God in the direction of our mission.

We understand the need to serve others in both our church and the community, but we will covenant with each other to serve one
another and meet the needs of our church family as never before.

     We Will Be a Family of Service