When will we meet in the fall? 

We will meet every 2nd and 4th  Wednesday from 6-8 pm. 

Why are we only doing nights?

We chose this night as New Horizons is a very busy church who lets other ministries use their space and this was a time that was available. 

Will we provide childcare?

Unfortunately, childcare will not be provided at this time. While we were hoping to provide childcare for fall, unfortunately, we have had no luck 😞 I have reached out to many churches in the Tri-Town area and have either received a “no” or haven’t received a response. We will still be working hard to try to find some form of childcare for next year but until then we will be staying with New Horizons. New Horizons has very limited space to provide childcare but they do have big plans for the future and we are so thankful for them! 


 Every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 9:30-10 a.m. will be story-time! We love this aspect of our group and that we can provide this for mama’s and children😊

 MOPS Fees? 

Our MOPS fee will be $100 for the year or $50 a semester. 

MOPS Season?

The semesters are from September- December then from January-May. 

What do MOPS Fees Cover?

This fee covers the MOPS membership, speakers, events and crafts. Scholarships can be provided through MOPS as well 😊