Truth Plus Love -- The Jesus Way To Influence 

by Matt Brown


When:  Saturday mornings, 9-10:30am

                         (Feb 22 – April 4)


Cost: $18     Book + Study Guide     

 (purchase from the church or ChristianBook.com)


Where: Cara Miner’s house  

                6711 St. Vrain Road, Firestone, CO


Sign up: Jackie Thomas 303-589-9740 or 

Tammy/Church Office 303-833-3013

Do you crash and burn when trying to share the most important thing in your life, your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ ?

Is it better to prove our point? Or just try to love?

In this study, we will learn how to champion truth without compromise and, at the same time, love unconditionally. It’s the messy, unfinished project of a lifetime, yet it’s here we find the greatest adventure of all: reflecting God’s heart to a watching world.

This 6-Week study session includes:

Truth Plus Joy

Truth Plus Peace

Truth Plus Gentleness

Truth Plus Faithfulness

Truth Plus Patience

Truth Plus Love

Come join us as we study the book, Truth Plus Love -- The Jesus Way To Influence by Matt Brown, and learn how to speak the truth without compromise while loving unconditionally.