Who We Are

At New Horizons, our mission is to be a Kingdom oriented, community driven church that brings glory to God by loving Him and loving others. This means that we are an irresistible influence for our community and the part of the world God has called us to. 


"You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. " 


We come together from all walks of life, from different parts of northern Colorado each to be inspired by God and to take that inspiration back into the world from our journey and walk with Christ. We encourage and challenge each other to walk out and live out our faith in our neighborhoods, schools, homes, the workplace and all our relationships.


We believe that New Horizons provides the most compelling reason for a person to believe that there is a God who loves them and created them to experience life to the fullest. We can say that because we come together as broken people from broken families, who found that the journey to the Cross of Jesus Christ was our game-changer.   Because of where we came from, we think you will be drawn by our love for one another, our compassion for our community and our desire to bring hope to an ever-needful world. We aren’t perfect, but no matter how we’ve stumbled or where we’ve been, God still has exposed an incredible plan for us and wants us to be part of His ever-expanding kingdom! 

New Horizons began in 1919 as a church built by people from the greater Carbon Valley.  Farmers, Miners, and the immigrants that peppered our community wanted to have a church they could call their own.  Out of that, our church was born.  By the community, and for the community.  We haven’t changed that original mission of outreach.  

We believe in authentic worship, and we believe in presenting God’s Word to you in a way that makes you want to fall in love with your Creator all over again, every week.  Whether by worshipping in song, or by the preaching of the Word, we believe you will be challenged. 

When you first come into our building you will be met by people just like you.  People who have met the Creator of the Universe and know He is ready to be in relationship with you.  

Come and experience a New Horizons with us – WE think that YOU BELONG HERE!


Young Kids

Our Leaders

Pastor Rob Thomas

Lead Pastor

Linette Ballew

Youth (YD) Pastor

Glen Ballew

Worship Leader

Desiree Isaacs

Children's Director

Mike Meredith

Board Chair

Shelley Rowe

Board Member

Tom Dory

Board Member

Jackie Thomas

Women's Ministry

      Our Core Values




We value worship because we are wounded people in need of a healer.  The closer we get to the heart of God in worship, the more we want His holiness to burn off the ugliness of the world we brought in.  In worshipping the King of Kings, we get that opportunity to come up close to God, and have the beauty of His holiness reshape us in His image.  We value worship because it transforms the worst of our humanity in the presence of a holy and loving God.




We value God’s Word because it is His voice into our lives.  His Word is the reflection of God’s direction for our hearts and lives.  We value God’s Word because in a world that is constantly changing, it is the ONLY thing we can trust.  And we value God’s Word because it brings life where there was death, peace where there was chaos, and true happiness where there was loss.  We value God’s Word because His Word is relevant for our time, and it reveals our need to change.



We value community because we were built by the community.   We have held it close as our roots.  W are not here for ourselves, but for the world outside of ourselves.  Because God so loved our world that He gave His Son, we hold giving TO that world as paramount.



We value being a family.  We desire to be a family of believer’s, becoming a carefully crafted bridge from God to our world, spanning the divide of disconnects that separate a people without God and those who have seen first hand what He will do with a hurting life.

We are Thankful For You

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Our History

     New Horizons has a long history in the Tri-Town communities. It all began in 1919 in Frederick when the community presented the then call Frederick Community Christian Church with property at 4th & Walnut. The people all came together and built the church in one day. 

      Then, in January 1971, the building was destroyed by fire caused by a faulty heater. Before the fire was extinguished, St. Teresa's Catholic Church and the Tri-Town Lions Club offered their services.


Tri-Towns Lion’s Club building was chosen until the church was able to provide for a new facility. In October of 1971, the Church Board agreed to purchase a 30’x90’ barracks building from A-1 Movers in Denver. The building had once been an Army barracks in Fitzsimmons Army Base. The building didn’t conform to Frederick building codes, so it was not able to be placed on the existing church property.


Clem DuFour, the Mayor of Dacono, under the cities direction, offered a clear deed to the property now known as 530 Cherry Street. The building was then moved onto the site and placed on a basement foundation on February 17, 1972. Volunteer labor progressed enough to hold Easter services in the building.


Upon moving to Dacono, the church changed its name to Village Christian Church, but was later changed to New Horizons Christian Church.  In 2002, Rob Thomas, with his wife Jackie and their daughters, came to pastor the church. 

     The name of the church, “New Horizons” fully expresses the mission of the church and its people. For its desire is to be a church for families and the crossroads of their lives. For them, there will always be “New Horizons”.


 In 2015,  New Horizons moved to 701 Carbondale Drive, Dacono.

As the church expanded and needed more space for its com-munity outreach programs like the Weld Food Bank, it moved to 701 Carbondale Drive, a more prominent position on Highway 52 in Dacono.  The congregation celebrated with grateful hearts during the opening at a Thanksgiving service on November 29, 2015. “The community and congregation have really pulled together, in-vesting their time, their skills and their finances to make this new location on Highway 52 a focal point in Dacono,” said Pastor Rob Thomas. 


“Transforming the building from a restaurant to a house of worship has been a labor of love for all involved.  The impact the new location has had already is not surprising to us, given that transformation is what we’re all about.”


First church in the Tri-Town area


Fire destroyed the church building


 Land purchased $1, Moved to Dacono


Expanded and moved to 701 Carbondale Dr. Dacono

Need Prayer

We have a team of prayer warriors who pray diligently.

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

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